Best Pellet Smokers – Honest Review Guides 2017

If you are a person interested in home cooking, you would probably have wondered about making some barbecue dishes on a pellet smoker. Pellet smokers can combine the elements from charcoal smokers, gas grills and kitchen overs. A combination of all these delivers you just the kind of dish you would expect from it. These days the pellet smokers have become so advanced that they have sensors and algorithms for the exact temperatures that you need. It is a different cooking experience altogether and can be used as a backyard cooking instrument.

How to Use Pellet Grills Perfectly?

You would be wondering how to use these pellet grills for the best usage. Since the pallet grills now come with advanced settings, using them is quite easy as well. Following these below steps will let you know on how to use the pellet grills:

  • At first, you need to fuel the pellet with cylindrical food grade wood supplies that will act as the basic heat provider. This is the main step in setting up the pellet grill.
  • Make sure that each wood piece that you use must be at least an inch long and 1/4th of an inch wide. All of these must be composed with hardwood sawdust.
  • Add some vegetable oil to the grill for cooking purposes.
  • These pellet grill runs on electricity and you need to plug in the grill and adjust the digital controller.
  • The pellets are then ignited by heat and glows red till several minutes.
  • You can then choose to grill and smoke up chicken or any other vegetables that you want to eat.
  • There are some additional settings that you might consider doing if you want something different from the pellet grill.

These are the easiest steps you can follow in order to use the pellet grill.

4 Best Pellet Grills to Buy

Now that you know how to use the pellet grills, you would want to know about the different pellet smokers that offer the best facilities and features under a good price. Let’s see the best pellet smoker that you must consider buying.

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grills

REC as we know is one of the best brands when it comes to pellet grills. The REC TEC wood pellet grill is a good choice if you are buying it for the first time. The machine is quite easy to get used to and you wouldn’t face any hassles as of such. It has a large 702 square inches of total cooking area which provides ample space for a family lunch or a dinner.


Most of the times a pellet grill is used on holidays and many people join on these holidays. So it is always better if the grill is equipped with a good cooking space. The temperature range of the grill is from 180 to 500 degree which is quite sufficient for most of the use cases. The grill also has a large 40 pound capacity rear mounted pellet hopper.


You get a five degree increment control setting which is quite useful. There are stainless steel rod cooking grates that don’t catch rust and make the grill long lasting. The complete construction of the grill has been done in a steel powder coated manner which is probably the best way. There is also one interior light which lets you see what is inside, this is helpful in many use cases. Subsequently, these characteristics make it one of the best meat smokers for beginners.



  • The temperature controller that is offered in the grill can be used to get the desired temperature with utmost precision. This is great for people who know about the technicalities and want to fine tune the temperature of the pellet grill.
  • The hopper capacity of the grill is quite large which is quite useful. Also, emptying the hopper is quite easy as well. This is good for people who are getting started with a pellet hopper.
  • The cooking capacity of the pellet grill is quite large which lets you cook for many people at once. It is a good advantage for all those who use it for holidays.
  • Henceforth, it proves of be the best pellet grill for money.


  • There is no pellet hopper release which can make things complicated sometimes. It would have been better if the grill had a hopper release.
    • One of the major setbacks of this pellet grill is that the fire pot cannot be removed for cleaning. This can get in the way of maintaining a nice and tidy grill. You may try to clean it while it is attached but it would have been better if users would have given the ability for removing the fire pot.

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Pit Boss Grills 340 Wood Pellet Grill

For those looking for a wood pellet grill under a good budget, the Pit Boss Grills is a strong contender. The grill makes it really easy to prepare and serve good quality finest wood fired food which so many people love. The cooking experience is also great in this pellet grill and you would enjoy both, preparing as well as eating the food on the Pit Boss Grills.

The grill uses all natural cooking grade wood barbecue pellets as a fuel. It doesn’t use gas, propane or charcoal which is a great way to prepare food. Some of the dishes that you can prepare using this pellet include steak, bake pizza, cookies and much more. You can let your imagination run and decide what you want to cook. The temperature can be set from anywhere between 180 degrees to 500 degrees. You have precise control over how you cook using this grill.

If you are seeking 100% natural wood pellet flavor from your food, nothing beats the Pit Boss. The machine is equipped with fan forced convection cooking which is quite great for retaining the meat juices. The grill is perfectly made for a small family who has a backyard and wishes to cook some wood pellet food. The Pros & Cons listed below will convince you how Pit Boss Girlls 340 manages to be the best smoker grill.


  • The Pit Boss grill has a dial in digital control which lets you change the grill settings easily. Also, it has a led read out which you can see no matter how dark it is outside.
  • It automatically starts and cools down which is a great feature since doing it all manually is tiresome and sometime we can’t do it on perfect timings.
  • The grill has a heavy duty 16 gauge steel construction which ensures that it has a nice build quality.
  • Due to its small size, you can move it easily and also it doesn’t occupy much of your space wherever you place it.


  • The maintenance cost of the machine is a little higher compared to the other products in the similar category.
  • The power consumption of the machine is also a bit high which can cause problems with the other equipments at home.
  • The broiler side is decent, not quite impressive as the grilling side. If it was better, the cooking aspect of the pellet grill would have been flawless.


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Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill

This Pellet grill by Camp Chef is made for people who are looking for a professional cooking experience. It is designed specially for people who want to take their barbecuing and grilling skills to the next level. Although it is completely great for amateur chefs but there are certain built in features that can be used for professional level cooking?

The process of cooking in the grill is extremely easy and you can get started without much hesitation. There is also a built in thermometer which will negate the guesswork that you would have to do in order to know the correct temperature. Such small features help those who are cooking in a great way. It is a little heavy but also provides adequate space for cooking.

There is a large 20 pound capacity Pellet Hooper so you don’t have to worry about the fuel being over before you are done cooking. The pellets are automatically dispatched throughout the cooking process which makes it easier to cook on it. Even cleaning the grill is quite simple as it comes with such features that make cleaning not only easy but less boring.


  • There are digital controls which makes controlling the machine very easy. You can fine tune your settings to have the precise conditions for cooking.
  • The pellets are efficiently used throughout the process so that you don’t run out of fuel in between your cooking. This also saves you money and electricity in the long run so this is a major advantage.
  • It can get to as high temperatures that you would need in order to make the food you want.
  • The cooking area is quite spacious and it offers a good amount of space to cook for many people at once.


  • The price of the grill is bit on a higher side when compared to other grills of the same kind. Although it comes with some great built in features, the price is slightly high.
  • The meat probe can sometimes give some errors which might result in problems in your cooking process.

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Traeger BBQ155.01 Junior Tailgating Pellet Grill

Traeger is one of the most reputed brands in the pellet grill industry. If you are a fan of this brand, this grill is highly recommended as it won’t disappoint you in any respect. It has a large cooking area which is approximately around 300 square inches. A good cooking area is necessary in these kinds of products as they are used in cooking for many people at once.

It has a bronze lid finish which gives the grill a great look from the exterior side. It is designed in a way that makes cooking easier and also makes the machine look good. The fully automatic auger makes it more appealing to people who have newly started cooking on pellet grills. The Traeger has an electronic auto start which ensures less electricity consumption and also efficient cooking methods.

What win over most of the features is the state of the art digital controls which is astounding. Most of the people like the brand because it offers some of the best in class controls which help you in cooking with perfection. The taste of the food is said to be awesome after being cooked on this grill. This grill henceforth makes it to the list of best pallet smoker for money.


  • The whole unit is quite easy to assemble and setup no matter if you are a veteran in grilling or just starting out. The construction of the grill is made in a way which lets you easily assemble it to start cooking.
  • The large drip pan that is in the machine rarely catches fire which ensures safe cooking for you. The grease is also nicely channeled to the drip bucket.
  • One of the biggest advantages of the machine is that it is very easy to clean which helps in maintaining good hygiene while cooking. Also, after every smoke session cleaning becomes very easy which takes up a lot of time on other grills.
  • Customers have praised that the taste of the food is quite better when food is cooked in this Traeger grill.


  • The maintenance cost of the machine is quite high and this makes it difficult for many to afford and sustain it.
  • The fuel consumption is high so that will want you to spend more money every time you cook. This is a huge let down because affordability and maintenance is one of the prime priorities while choosing a pellet grill.
  • The size of the grill on the inside is not as large as one would expect it to be. It is great for pork or chickens but fitting a whole turkey inside it will be very difficult so you need to keep that in mind while buying the grill.

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The Final Say

These detailed and insightful reviews of some of the best pellet smokers must have helped you in deciding which one you need to buy. Of course, everyone has different preferences and you can make a decision on which features you would want. Weigh in your priorities, budget and you may finally come to the conclusion of which pellet smoker will fulfill your needs.