How To ByPass/Skip Surveys ?

Are you bored of filling surveys that are necessary to complete so that you can get access to a certain portion of a website or download a file that you need? We have some tricks that will help you skip/bypass such surveys and carry on with your surfing or downloading activity without answering any survey. Bypassing surveys will make downloading files and software easy for you from survey focused sites like sharecash, fileice and others.

Mostly, survey content blockers ask you to fill a questionnaire or provide some personal information before you can view the content. With our provided bypass survey methods you will no longer be bonded to fill those questionnaires or disclose any of your personal information. This can be done by using browser-specific plugins depending on whether you are using Chrome or Firefox. Other than this, you can also utilize some more advanced options. Let us browse through a few simple methods that allow you to bypass surveys.

Skip Surveys

Skip Surveys

Survey remover

You can download a good survey remover like the XJZ Survey Remover bookmarklet from Google and then rest assured while this tool handles all your survey blocked content problems. This is a convenient way to bypass surveys.

Using ScriptSafe plugin

One method to bypass surveys is to use ScriptSafe plugin, which works only on the Chrome web browser.

  • Go to the ScriptSafe plugin page in your Chrome browser.
  • Click ‘Add to Chrome’ on the upper-right side of the window.
  • When prompted, click ‘Add extension’ to install ScriptSafe o your Chrome browser.

Now when you’ll visit a site that uses survey content blockers, the survey will be blocked by the plugin.

Use NoScript on Firefox

bypass Surveys

bypass Surveys

Just like the ScriptSafe plugin on Chrome, use this plugin on Firefox browser to block surveys. Sometimes, survey content blockers using sites can detect NoScript and deny you access to the page.

Extract links from the website

Another method to bypass surveys is to extract the links that will allow you to download the file you need without doing the survey. For this, you will have to use the developer tools available on Chrome. With these tools in hand, you can scan the website for all links, many of which can be helpful in giving you the data you need or the file that you want to download. For this, you will not have to complete those annoying surveys.

  • Open Chrome.
  • Click on the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Select More tools > Developer tools to open the developer window on the right side of the browser window.
  • Select Console tab at the top of the developer frame.
  • Paste the URL retrieval code: urls = $$(‘a’); for (url in urls) console.log (url[url].href); into the console and press Enter.

This will give you the entire list of all the links on that website.

You can make use of any of these methods to bypass those boring, annoying, and time-consuming surveys very easily.