Mobile Phone Security Concerns Growing in Business

Mobile Security Concerns Increasing in Business

Businesses Worried about Mobile Phone Security A new mobile phone security study, funded by McAfee and Carnegie Mellon University, concludes that most businesses are not prepared for viruses, malware and other attacks posed by mobile smartphones. According to CNN’s review, 95% of companies have phone security policies in effect, but out of the 1,500 firms […]

Can Google Mobile Analytics Save Your Business?

Google Mobile Analytics

Many businesses today spend increasing time and money optimizing their company websites and blogs. Yet, as I mention in a MobileBeyond article, most marketers are not measuring mobile traffic using a tool like¬†Google Mobile Analytics. As more phone users gain access to the mobile Web, traffic to company websites and blogs is increasingly coming from […]

12 Steps to Better Mobile Apps & Longer Battery Life

Smartphone Apps and Battery Life O.K. You just bought the latest Android phone from your favorite carrier. As you gaze at the sharp screen, you see smartphone apps everywhere. Want weather? There’s an app for that. Post to Facebook or tweet on Twitter? Lots of apps for social networking. You flip through the screens–screen after […]