Facebook Business Page for Your Company? – Yes, No and Maybe

So, how’s your Facebook business page doing these days?

Does it generate leads, improve conversions and boost your company’s revenue? Are
you overwhelmed with response? Have a lot of traffic from mobile users?

Oh, you don’t have a Facebook page for business yet? Don’t feel bad or sad. Most companies are in the same situation,  sitting on the fence while they struggle to maintain their company websites, blogs and Twitter accounts.

Reasons for a Facebook Business Page

  1. Everyone else does. No. Erase that from your brain.
  2. Your marketing director or you think it’s cool to have a Facebook business page. Maybe if you’re Apple selling magical devices.
  3. Google will index every word, picture and video of your webpage. Wrong. Although Google indexes a Facebook business page’s content,  Google to date only shows 58 MobileBeyond business page posts. If you have a Facebook page, search for indexed listings using this format: site:facebook.com “mobilebeyond” 127252787308669, replacing your company’s name.  Some companies have changed that ugly number at the end of the URL to their business name. In that case, use: site:facebook.com/company name.
  4. Commenting on other FB company pages, walls and discussions is a waste of time. Wrong. Google’s spiders crawl a lot of Facebook business pages and if those little buggers find your company or personal name mentioned…voila, you might get indexed. MobileBeyond has 197 listings floating through Google cyberspace.Use this format: site:facebook.com “mobilebeyond,” again replacing your company or personal name. Like Twitter, however, watch what you scribble on walls. One of my friends’ assistants at a mobile firm talked about her Saturday night drinking party. That doesn’t do much for your personal or company image unless you’re in the liquor industry.
  5. A Facebook business page for small business is a waste of time. Double no. While major brands have their own Facebook company pages, small business owners can also benefit.
  6. Your Facebook business page will drive direct traffic to your company’s website or blog. Yes. Google Analytics for MobileBeyond shows substantial direct traffic coming from Facebook and LinkedIn, generated by my friends,  friends of friends and others who click  business and individual page links.
  7. Facebook better exposes your business and brand than Twitter. Maybe. A Facebook business or individual page doesn’t restrict you to 140 characters at a time. Likewise, uploading photos, videos and other information about your business provides free promotion to attract and communicate with your customers. This also eliminates the “ticker tape” Twitter experience where your tweets get lost like a needle in a haystack. Yet, Google also indexes tweets and retweets. So your message can spread to thousands of people.
  8. Don’t worry about mobile phone Facebook visitors reaching  your company website. Alert! Alert! 60% of all 600 million members access the big FB with their mobile phones. And 75% of them are using feature phones with primitive browsers. If mobile users click your company’s website or blog URL–and you haven’t made your sites mobile-friendly–you risk losing potential customers and irritating your current customers. See the MobileDiscoveries post on mobilizing your website and blog.

Facebook Business Page and Marketing Strategies 

One thing is clear. Don’t ignore Facebook. It’s one of the most powerful social media tools. While other sites are copying its approach, Facebook’s influence is enormous. Having your presence felt on the site, whether you launch a Facebook business page, will improve the success of your marketing strategies.

I highly recommend you read Clara Shih’s comprehensive book The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff (Affiliate link).

While mobile is not as well covered as online marketing, the author has written the definitive book about maximizing Facebook’s power and influence for businesses, non-profits and other organizations.

Don’t miss Don Campbell’s YouTube videos about Facebook, WordPress and websites. His Expand2Web site is a gold mine for small businesses. (See the video below about creating a Facebook business page.)

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