Mobile Call Centers Enhance Customer Experiences

Every hear of mobile call centers? A new breed of  mobile-oriented centers committed to great customer experiences for phone users is changing the definition of “service.” But IVR systems and customer agents must understand the unique  characteristics and challenges of mobile–from call volume and noise to text messages, email and mobile websites. By taking a […]

Can Google Mobile Analytics Save Your Business?

Google Mobile Analytics

Many businesses today spend increasing time and money optimizing their company websites and blogs. Yet, as I mention in a MobileBeyond article, most marketers are not measuring mobile traffic using a tool like Google Mobile Analytics. As more phone users gain access to the mobile Web, traffic to company websites and blogs is increasingly coming from […]

Reduce Business Cell Phone Costs with Cellular Optimization

If consumers object to higher cell phone bills–especially those with mobile smartphone data plans–businesses should be howling. For years, mobile carriers’ pricing plans were structurally similar to land line rates. After all, if you dominate a market, why change? Around two years ago, business cell phone costs for cellular exceeded land lines. And a year […]

Facebook Business Page for Your Company? – Yes, No and Maybe

Facebook Business Page - MobileBeyond

So, how’s your Facebook business page doing these days? Does it generate leads, improve conversions and boost your company’s revenue? Are you overwhelmed with response? Have a lot of traffic from mobile users? Oh, you don’t have a Facebook page for business yet? Don’t feel bad or sad. Most companies are in the same situation,  […]

Fast Mobile Broadband Essential for U.S. Business Growth


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:55 — 3.2MB) Let’s say you run a business in the U.K. and a fast mobile broadband Internet connection is essential. Your field sales and operations teams don’t have office desks because they’re gone most of the time. Access to product availability, pricing and features is critical. […]

In Search of Mobile Privacy – Is it Possible in Our Time?


Mobile Privacy We live in a world of instant communications. The mobile and non-mobile Web have brought knowledge and enjoyment to million of people. Yet mobile privacy, especially with Smartphones, eludes us. Marketers and advertisers want behavioral data to better target their audiences. Content producers–bloggers, podcasters, video creators, musicians–seek to deliver informative, interesting information,  insights […]