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MobileBeyond provides client companies with mobile and marketing services. MobileDiscoveries is one of our informational blogs.

New media are not channels like a TV’s. Instead, new media are the applications of each channel or medium.

Think of a Swiss army knife (multi-channel). People pop out different knives (new media) that do unique and wondering things: tighten up a screw, remove a wine bottle cork, connect electrical wiring, etc. Likewise, bloggers write killer content and podcasters blow you away with captivating audio and video on the Web (a communications channel).

Mobile features voice, video, Web, bluetooth, GPS and other media channels, offering the most powerful communications device, combining a multitude of channels and new media.

In fact, it’s virtually impossible to avoid discussing mobile as marketing media since it offers so many ways for marketers and advertisers to communicate with nearly six billion people on Earth.

Human Communications, Mobile, Internet and New Media

When I was a graduate student studying communication and radio and television, then the dominant “media channels,” communication research only concerned human communication, whether intrapersonal (one person alone), interpersonal (one-to-one or small group) and the printed word or electronic (telephone, radio and television) The Web and digital media didn’t exist yet.

Then mobile started its slow climb to stardom in the mid-to-late 80′s, followed by a growth burst in the 90′s, then a torrential storm in the 21st century. Apple’s iPhone in 2007 ushered in the age of smartphones now growing exponentially. Smartphones are the Swiss army knives of this century.

Along the path to multi-channel communications and new media is another widely popular channel called the Internet. Learning to crawl and then walk like a baby’s first steps, the desktop Internet grew slowly at first with printed text on a glowing screen.

Over the past 15-odd years, the Web blossomed, touting faster access speeds, multimedia, file sharing and something called search, courtesy of our friends at Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others in the search engine business. Finally, the desktop Internet integrated new media, enabling a start-up site like Facebook to become a small nation with 620 MILLION members.

Mobile Web will Dominate Cyberspace

As Mary Meeker, a mobile Web expert, has discovered in her Internet research, the mobile Web, accessed through smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices, will become the dominant communications channel in less than five years. Mobile phones already out number the two billion personal computers on the planet. And Web-enabled mobile devices will double in three years, a dramatic shift in this decade. Along with mobile Internet growth comes demand for new media content

New Media Content Surge

Consumers’ demand for Web and mobile content is rapidly increasing. In response, small and large businesses struggle to engage consumers with dynamic new media (social networks, streaming video, blogs, podcasts, forums and wikis’). But user demand exceeds the ability of many businesses to create and deliver consistently high quality content. The situation is similar to too many autos without enough gas.

This content “gap” is particularly challenging as companies launch mobile websites and blogs while billions of people gain access to the mobile Web. People with mobile Internet connections consume increasing amounts of content. Media consumption by iPad and other tablet computer users is a good example.

But, if you’re like most companies, you lack the staff, know-how and budget to develop enough captivating new media content that engages consumers to grow your company.

Marketing and New Media Services

MobileBeyond helps companies fill the gap by creating remarkable content. Services include:

  • Analyze your current use of new media and digital communication channels including mobile.
  • Recommend strategies to enhance your consumer and business marketing campaigns
  • Integrate your messaging across channels to enhance your brand
  • Create marketing materials and multimedia Web content driving customer growth
  • WordPress blog creation and content
  • Audio and video podcasts and interviews (set-up, production and syndication)
  • Social media and promotion management for Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and other sites
  • Desktop and mobile Website multimedia and written content that’s sharp, attractive and compelling
  • On-page and off-page SEO to boost organic search engine results
  • White papers, landing pages and other copy writing you can use online and at trade shows

MobileBeyond guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on all our projects. You’ll also find our rates are very reasonable. Contact us for further information.